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Love and gratitude that Mother earth has shared with me.

I feel a deep presence, an appreciation shared by this earth by a great deal of lessons of gratitude. The calmness that lay deep in my heart has rhythm and is harmonious. I feel the energy in and out of me and I cant help but hug this energy with all my might as though I have reached a new destination of myself or is it my origin of myself?


Not that it matters at all because I don’t need to figure it all out, I only have to appreciate all that has been served my way for the vortex of this life has been awe struck or enormous or awesome in all degrees to me and all I have ever wanted to do was contribute to this life energy presence.


Through the years this time, 59 to be exact have I been able to SEE as though it is for the first time and not in reaction to what is around me but as though I have finally gathered my wings as part of all there is to BE a part of. Call it my first flight and as I sore am I able to see so vividly, its actually calming without any strain or effort, like gliding through the air with great rejoice.


WOW, how did I get here? Well many of the things I have shared is my life story as I found me. Viewing it from all angles working to understand ALL that I Am and today there is not a day that goes by I am not grateful to be here at this moment in time or in motion and motion is one of my constants.


Earth has taught me how precious life really is and how beautiful it really is. Did you know every tree is sui generis, unique to all other trees and that it is filled with meaning in each tree? It has a base or roots for which to stand and works in harmony with the soils and waters around it. In a deep forest of trees can you see the word thrive by its full meaning. Did you know that vistas are different points to view like people and their ideas are all different points to view some aspect of life because it is all in there?

Have you ever noticed rock formations are also sui generis the same as people are, unique in perspective, in imagination and in creativity? Funny how they have this way of drawing you in to explore, is that the rock formations or the ideas of different people?


Have you ever been on a new path and seen things you have not seen before? Have you ever asked yourself what that is? What is exploration? To investigate or to understand what something is in your own minds eye or in the I of the self or the eye of the self or the view of the self the self is able to see and make sense of. What is make sense of, what makes sense? Does living make sense and does earth living make sense? So what sense is that? The inner sense, or the minds eye or the I sense myself?


YOU SEE, this is what earth keeps sharing with me and the more it shares the more I explore it and my sense is Life and Living and BEing and DOing because like earth I too am in constant motion, choosing directions to explore as though curious or now ready to question or to understand some part for which I take part in.


Recently in my life I have made monstrous changes and taken enormous risks all in the name of total self discovery as though I am my own story to explore. One of these changes was moving to southern Utah because I am so drawn as though it has called my name it now becomes my turn. I had no idea what I would do there but I was positive about what I love doing in this life and this area totally supports that act or way or decision. SEE I love to ride ATVs “all terrain Vehicles” also known as off the road vehicles where one can venture out on to earth and take in as much as one is willing to receive I have to tell you there is a lot here to receive and since that day I arrived I have never felt so at home and very grateful to have this opportunity to be this, or to be part of this and to share my love of life with earth life and visa versa because she shares so much with me, especially love. Yes earth shares and enormous love with me that is robust or infinite because there seems to be no end to its enormity.


Since BEing here I have received an opportunity to support what I love DOing with a young man that reminds me a lot of me when I was that age who also LOVEs to ride and explore and be a part of his family. SO we together work on ATVs to keep them alive for those who wish to explore this earth and it is funny how many different types of people ride these and one thing I have noticed from a great majority is they LOVE living which reminds me a lot of earth her self. Some how these stories have a matching perspective, its all about love and sharing that in the world of life itself. Today we work in what I named the dream shop because if you love working with your hands and doing things this is beautiful. What is even more loving is I live in a dream shop as well and have never felt so honored and grateful. But the love I feel when I go to the ATV shop everyday is enormous and awesome all in the same wave. I look forward to every day I wake up and get to start even with all the obstacles corporations have shoveled our way we persist and keep explorers exploring, farmers farming and travelers traveling.


All of this came from following what my heart said or my minds eye said or the vortex of life granted me, or Gods plan or what earth has granted me. Its all here and its all now and its like a total dream coming to truth and is becoming to a point where it will support what I love the most and that is exploring my love of this earth and all the love she has to share upon me. The best part is I get to do this with others who love earth and much as I do and love sharing their love of heart like mother earth revolving in a system of love herself, a solar system of love that binds and supports life totally by every motion it takes which is warm and fuzzy all over me.


I have to share how blessed I feel in my roots, in my base to BE here as life as an example of LIFE DOing and exploring. There is nothing more soothing than sitting up on some big huge boulder and watch a sunset or a sunrise, both share their own love of life or sitting on a quiet plateau and listening to earth and the universe conversing with one another in harmony and solitude. Or maybe even a ceremony of love and gratitude with the mother to let her know how grateful I am for such a grand moment as the one I am having now sharing it with all of you.


I want you to know that earth has shared with me a love of Life, a way in which all it does is in support of life through the acts of abundance and enormous love without expectation but a total granting of possibilities. That this is not some limited view to control all life on earth and is the exact opposite to enhance or strengthen life, make it more possible, to make it more imaginative, to create a more loving experience and to create a deep appreciation for ALL life without reservation.


I actually imagine more finding earth and listening to ALL she has to offer us. That supporting life is key in all aspects and by doing such an act is love propagated infinitely or ever expanding. Look at earth this way and realize you are a part of her as in your DNA as well as Life standing, that she supports life in so many ways you will be blown away. That you can plant life in her and she will contribute back to you consistently and work to sustain your presence without expectation but in hopes you have seen and heard all she has to offer each and everyone of you.


Is life a controlled state like the authors claim it to be? Are there to BE all these limits that are imposed by some on earth but earth herself shows us something entirely different?

Which is made up in the minds of men and what is it Earth is communicating to us?


You SEE mother earth shares with us what she wants us to see but some don’t see it or are not willing to view it or deny it even exists and are unable to take in its lessons of understanding. What do you think Mother earth is sharing with you in her natural state before many came along and refused to listen to the message being given?


I don’t know about you, but mother here has shared a great deal with me and my love for life has only grown leaps and bounds and I find that hard to question when it feels so right, when it supports so well, when it shares so much it becomes undeniable.


In Lakech with Love and gratitude as I found her. May your dreams truly become yours in all ways of loving this life.



William Schooler

A Producing American.

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