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Are you a member of this human Family?

WELL, are you? What do your manifestations from decisions, actions and agreements say? What message are you casting out to all others around you on your home here on earth?

Recently I am reminded of all the divide created here on earth by religious ideologies, false authorities, the divisions, Borders, Rules and on and on and on. So I ask again, are you a member of this human family and what defines that act of BEing a part of?

How does one define this in clear terms to the SELF? Do you watch what you do? Do you see what ideas you support? Do you question the agreements you enter by choosing to?

If you love your family would you do acts to wipe them out or destroy them? Can you love your family by not loving what you manifest in every day activities?

I SEE people I know promoting the actions of Israel and then I ask myself are they not a part of this human family? Define Human family, is any human BEing left out of the picture? Now define Israel? Isn’t this some idea created on the part of some in the human family as to see themselves different from others in the human family?

What does (created equal) mean to you personally? How would this apply to our human family?

If your actions and your manifestations do not support the human family what are they supporting on this earth? Could you be the alien, from some other planet here to distort our human family? What do the manifestations tell you about you? So who are you watching, me or you?

A reflection of our examples is how we tell ourselves who we are, am I not everything I am willing to experience in this life? Am I also the example of every experience? What does that story tell, you know your story, the one you created by the choices you make.

Oh the power of choice, a powerful part of every human BEing in this family. The pure influence it carries in its wake and when joined as in union becomes the force of reckoning and a story is born.

The human family is filled with story after story and not one the same in all aspects because there is sui generis you know, unique in creating ability and experience ability. Growing ones willingness grows the family as that part of nature is apparent universe wide.

Is recognition of self the recognition of the family? I recognize the human family as one family of living beings upon this earth, called the Human BEing, this state or condition we so choose. Unless of course there are those around you who refuse to recognize their own family and might even create acts against them because of such an ignorant state. Or the total lack of recognition which if what I state has merit would explain a great deal.

All I am certain of is, I am Life meaning all there is infinitely and I am the human family, the human experience upon my earth, my home, my mother, life supporter of what is upon her, that this recognition warms my heart and feeds my eternity with love and gratitude, call it divine presence of this nature, a gift of love.

All who choose to support our human family support themselves so supporting all life supports the entire family and that state and that gift is total divine loving thyself, is to love thy family for I am life, all there is.

What happens when we become the universe, I mean every infinite moment? Lets put it this way, earth is smaller than a pin drop, its not even there and you have to look or drill down to locate it and then you squint to see it. Then you recognize in this one universe you cannot even recognize home so you might want to be a part of your family, just in case you know, in case you loose earth.

A funny thing just struck me, this universe is an entire family of life in many forms, many stages and a growing of the self.

When does a family member recognize another member? When a member recognizes the self in this family? When does one care about the family, upon the recognition or long before? As a family member if you have no care for self, will you have care for the rest of such a family?

When is it we sit down and ask ourselves; which family do I belong with? If mother earth bares her fruits and we are all of the mother, are we not the fruit of this mother?

Something I have done in this life is look to recognize all the sameness or what is it that is the very same amongst humans rather than the OLD habits of looking at all the differences and in doing so did I recognize an enormous amount that reflects sameness. It is also what brought me here like it is the example that shares we are such a family and one of the things I really recognize is life would be empty without family. In fact life would become impossible without it, without the mother, the life giver and all the children of earth sprinkling the glitter of ideas.

The enormous focus on divide and separation is like an old rabid dog filled with toxins and hate for the life has been kicked out of it entirely. It no longer feels for the family and retaliates to any part that reminds him of the experience. It is one of the gross habits in our human family by putting the attention on all the things that are different about you from another and never once can you see anything as the same. This is amplified in groups by the agreement process and is what allows something this disturbing to grow ramped like the rabid dog. To build hate for one another, to cast yourself away from the family as though you never belonged but this is not true. For you cannot stop belonging to something you belong to. You belong to mother earth and you belong to her family and always will regardless of where you direct the attention to or how much denial you form upon the self.

There is my favorite saying, to know thyself is to love thyself and this holds very true because recognition of the entire self is recognition of the human family we all belong to. What would we do without family? Die because there would no longer be a reason to continue. Its the very reason I created this site, to contribute to one another, to serve each other as a reminder of ourselves and all we actually are and not all the miss information to keep us from ourselves.

As mother will say to me, My sweet creation and I cannot tell you how much I love hearing this expression onto my heart center because I know she sees me as she sees all of humanity and this family that is created. We are all one with her growing ourselves in constant motion regardless of how many lessons we must serve ourselves to fully recognize ourselves and our human family here upon tiamat. There are also many things upon our home that are very much a part of us in every detail, yet so few recognize this. Its sad to say we have no recognition of our own story which lives in the hearts of every family member only awaiting to be identified.

Well I say this is the reminder, a key to the door that awaits you, the opener of such a door. The internal path to you and to the entire human family, this home and the story you belong to only awaits the discovery. Hopefully this will stimulate some questioning of the self as a possibility that you have been in denial of for so many diversionary reasons. Why would anyone want to weaken the family unit anyway? Why would another family member want to divert your own attention away from the real story you are part of?

I want to say to all of my family that I love you in your entire capacity as this human family regardless of which part of the path you are on. You are meaningful, filled with attributes that prove beyond question you belong to this family and only need to learn how to do so.

May I suggest this to ALL family members, take long walks in nature. Find different paths to explore and see for yourself what you are part of. Then look at all the parts of you that are identical to family members as in what you are capable of. This site can actually help you with this by the questions residing within it awaiting you to ask you and answer you. It is simply a story being told of recognition, as family and as an active member who loves and cherishes our home, our family and our story together. May we all become blessed by our own recognition of thyself.

Thank you my dear mother for all you have shared upon this path, may I be forgiven for forgetting my story, may I be granted blessings to share in the remembering of all we are part of and may the universe grant us a new beginning where recognition becomes us.

In Lakech

By A Producing America, contributor and lover of life on earth.

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