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The signs of life;

What are the signs? What is a sign?

What indicates anything at all? Is an example a sign something has been done, what does done mean?

We see a lot of words of expression conveying ideas but how many ideas convey the signs the idea was ever attempted? It is interesting because as I explore the land of which I am part of I see signs all around me. Not words, not descriptions but ideas expressed in some example any idea has done anything at all.

Then we have the direction which exemplifies the intent of such an idea and in all cases is the sign a visual one. So in LIFE, how many directions are there? and what are these signs that these are the directions? What is directing? Imagine yourself as an energy form of life, able to direct this energy in which you hold. What if I told you in all of life there are only two directions and all the signs show this to be very viable and they are; Directing energy in support of life, living, expressing, imagining, dreaming, a direction that is in full support of all you are part of and the opposing of this directing of energy is the controlling of life, destroying of life and the ignorance of life. One supports life entirely and the other direction defies it, opposes it and show signs of deception or ingenuous intent.

What does the word Just mean to you in your own heart without words, or without definitions spelled out in dictionaries? If Just is one direction and unjust is the other direction would this example, this sign show two distinct directing’s of energy? Think about it.

I read a document years ago and it was expressed that it was announced to a just world and for this reason I had to answer this question to self on what this would mean and where are the examples of such an idea and what are the signs just exist or does not exist.

Well here is my take in this matter, that just people are people who recognize what they are part of and support ALL they are part of that supports all they are part of. OR, life supporting life in ALL ways of living, doing, expressing, exemplifying and best of all showing signs this is very much the case in all cases. So unjust would be the people who have no idea, do acts that defy what they are and are part of and is the very reason Justice was really born. What this means to me is that the just help unjust see themselves for the first time and present the signs of life that in all cases support it in a limitless fashion.

This is very deep in that the directors of energy leave signs everywhere they go about the direction they are headed and what they are fully aware of or if they show no awareness at all. Many speak of awareness as though it is detached but in fact is very attached to us personally, to be conscious of BEing and to what extent that is. Take the word life itself, what exactly does this encompass? Is there anything it does not encompass? That answer resides within you, has signs so brilliant they are very hard to ignore unless you never ever put your attention at this location, in this moment to recognize the signs.

A sign is nothing more than a signal energy has moved and left something behind. That something has taken place, some act, some idea was born and some agreement created and manifest. Where an example becomes visible either through experience which goes without question or as an example others have made visible to you personally in some manner.

So how many signs of life are there? An infinite number, a limitless amount because it constantly grows the very same as fractals do. As far as I can tell the more I become aware of signs of life the more signs that become apparent to me, the more brilliant the signs become and the more clearly I am able to see the direction in which the energy is traveling. Here are some examples to assist;

I live in two different worlds and I will describe them the best I can by the signs that shine so brilliantly.

Nature is earth and all that lives upon it, it is living and breathing the very same as I do in this physical hull I call the body. The body is made up of many of earths particles as well all plants, all animals and all resources upon her. The signs I see are all acts of working in unison to support one another, to encourage, in support of, in love with and consist of the entire universe with nothing left out, also known as life, the entire enchilada. What I actually see is the agreement of energy to move in this manner in order for us to grow and become all we have ever been all along, but journeys must begin and move in a direction and all journeys will end leaving an example of some sort but most importantly a sign of its direction and where it actually dreamed of arriving.

This is very important because one cannot become a dream if they do not dream. A destination cannot be achieved if there is no vision of it and no energy can be released if no determination is present. This works very well in the universe and the universe at large is very just or the signs brilliantly display this because it has been here in motion for billions and billions of years ever expanding and in constant growth. It has yet to show signs of slowing down because it cannot in order for it to continue.

Now here is the other world in which I live and it too is filled with signs so brilliant I cannot deny what is all around me. The signs of Humanity which is very much part of life on earth, in our galaxy and in this universe. The signs of humanity are very loud and clear and show signs of decay or ignorance or lack of awareness, as well consciousness. Now I am no author of how life should live, in other words I pretend no authority over life in any manner, but I can show the signs I see and experience and they are not the signs or directions I see in my other world at all. The direction I see most prevalent is authorized or authoritative or a written or a administrated way of living life that in fact shows no signs what so ever of supporting life, but rather dominating it, controlling it, abusing it, abolishing it, distorting it, confusing it, lessoning it and or the destruction of it. I keep asking myself why so many are not willing to look at the signs and the signs I see are that most are focused or have their attention on all the writings and the defined ways or all the limits created by some for the many. These signs lack consciousness, lack of life supporting life, lack of love and lack of growing. These signs are actually in direct opposition to the other signs of life that are so visible. It has really caused me to question me and to work to understand why and how we got ourselves in such an unjust world of living.

Have any of you ever asked yourself how you release energy from you to outside you? Your own heart harnesses much energy, only awaiting direction, but who is directing and how? Humanity and the directing of energy is not very well understood and is the gift we as human BEings actually hold within our own hearts. This is not so bad as it seems and is actually very extraordinary which has been blowing my own mind. This is because in the act of growing one is forced into growing the self in order to sustain the self. The signs exist that support this through earth, plants and animals. BEing part of what you are part of or the non denial of this awareness. All these parts struggle and become stronger through all the energy that is imposed upon them. They all become stronger in some sense and work harder to be viable or continue the journey life itself has to offer. The directing of such energy has magnificent signs of life supporting life in all ways in order to keep the journey in motion.

Releasing ones own energy is done so through the decision making process, so what does that mean to you? What it means to me is through my own determinism I decide a direction to support by agreeing to ideas that support the direction I choose to journey. The decision process is comprised of ingredients the same as one makes a cake, we compile ideas or ways into the determining factors. Some make choice based on power, while other make choices based on money or religions or Governments or Corporations or present education, or life experiences. These considerations are put into a pot, stirred up and are implemented in every choice you make or consider. I used to make poor choices based upon my upbringing, my poor schooling and above all based upon money. Coming to terms with this was no easy task but it damn sure was an eye opener and was my very first sign I was missing some really good ingredients.

Today my ingredients are very simple, no longer complex or filled with a whole bunch of false information, confusions, systems of belief regardless of what they are. Today my decisions are based on or founded on basic principles of me and ALL I am part of and since I am life, I assure you nothing is left out. These are, LIFE, LIBERTY, PURSUING DREAMS, DREAMING, IMAGINATION, DETERMINATION, ENERGY and DIRECTING. This is my foundation or bedrock of ingredients along side the ideas, there directing and the signs they reveal when BEing implemented. What is funny, is I feel very good about the choices I make, I think far more of my self because I am aware of me and ALL I am connected to. I love what I do, I love what I have become, I love where I have grown and I love the signs I present.

What is more exciting is when deciding with others and forming agreements the force that actually carries and the signs that develop from such a choice. This actually assisted me in seeing the signs of agreement by life on earth, in this galaxy and in this universe. In fact there is no other higher force anywhere because the signs, they don’t lie to me. These are actually my acknowledgements I have actually found my way to supporting the life I Am. Then in living in this manner gives me love in my own heart, fills me with joy beyond measure and has unleashed me on my own world to share such signs as these.

One of the greatest things I have come to terms with is Earth is my class room, it is my education to be in full participation with life on earth and in this entire universe. It was not that long ago that I felt so darn small and now have become enormous in my love for life and my gratitude for such an awesome journey.

I already recognize most did not see this story, yet the signs of life exist everywhere simply because we are everywhere when we choose to be part of, when we become all we are part of. To participate is a sign of support and has examples that are distinct and when you see the signs of energy aligning does expansion become enormous and the limits fall away.

If this class room is too hard on you, realize it has an impacting message, and example that will become clear and a sign you were willing to experience this journey and grow along with all you too are a part of. The resistance to this journey also have signs and they are not bad ones, they are simply strengthening signs so that your journey will enlighten you or cause your own brilliance, to become a star in a universe that is in collaboration but better yet in full agreement of itself.

All I have shared is nothing more than the signs of taking such a journey for all those willing to journey and to assist those who resist to let go of your own grasp, your own very poor choices to go directly against all you are part of and that is the biggest sign of life there is, that LIFE IS, and is not a question, its a journey one grows to become willing to go through and grows in unison with all you are.

One of my biggest humps was realizing at what age I made such powerful choices to go against me and ALL I Am. Thats when I fully realized the force I actually am upon this earth and that I should use this ability in full support of life and the signs of its entire journey.

You can also thank the Declaration of Independence and Thomas Jefferson for bringing this to my attention and assisting me in becoming focused on the word LIFE, an all encompassing act of the self and ALL that IS. Looking at the state of BEing independent really empowered my own decision skills and brought full recognition of my entirety or my vastness.

In Lakech my dear friends and loved ones. I am grateful to be along side you in such an awesome journey. May we become the unison with all the signs shared so brilliantly.

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