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What you did not see in the Declaration of Independence.

This story will be comprised of a journey I have personally taken through its entire content, an experiment like no other simply because I decided one day to apply its content directly to my life and this is what I saw and what so many have never even viewed their entire lives. It has been such an impact upon my life I will never be the same and am more grateful about life itself than I ever imagined and there seems to be no end for which this journey shall take me.

First I would love to express that I found this entirely by chance because I made a personal discovery, that if we took every act and applied evaluation and validation of its content secrecy would not survive and would be eliminated. This was such a personal impact it gave me a whole new perspective not only of this world but of this universe which at the time I never even imagined. From this experiment came this story of my investigation into the Declaring of Independence, a state or condition so vast it has no ending.

I would like everyone to know that I found much of this simply by finding the root of words, gaining a real understanding of how each personally could be used in my very own life or what it is each had to do directly with me. That in itself was such a huge eye opener and may be the keys to open a gate I had no idea ever existed, like a portal into a window where a whole other world is awaiting our presence and this story shall share this total discovery in great detail and maybe some others will come and join me in this adventure but I can tell you I will not hold my breath.

One of the biggest observations I discovered from all of this is that no such condition or way of living ever really existed even though through every discovery I made was it so life impacting. This was probably the hardest part of the entire project is knowing this brilliance was placed here on earth and was never even practiced by most on earth. But I also discovered that some on earth have been very disruptive and have worked to obscure clarity and simple understanding and this is where I may be able to assist. That by sharing what most have not seen within this document shall be inspired to investigate for the self so that they too are able to see out this very same window, a world only awaiting our discovery.

Here are some of the words which I searched and had a very common direction and what I mean by this is, if we apply them in this way the direction of our energy shall be in one of two directions and are bound by such directions. Something I shall share in this story, but for now the words that align.

Life, this turns out to be boundless, to do or to create, to act out with some force which I call life force. This life force is comprised of choice and agreement and is the very cause of all creations upon this earth for I could find no other force to be so effective. Life is ALL encompassing and means with nothing left out and I mean nothing and it grows infinitely or has no limits but the ones that are generated for the self or by the self. So one could ask what is a life decision?

Creator, the beginning, the never ending, the entire enchilada, or the whole, or the entirety without limitations to any and all expressions. The sum of all parts manifesting constant, never ending with all possibilities for eternity. To create, to manifest, to express and to pursue dreams, to be part of, to include all of as in creation as in creating as a participant of all there is present. You will notice I did not say God and this is one in the same but so many have miss used the word as to mean authority for which it has no meaning and is one of the very reasons Creator was used as to not miss interpret as some authority for this story will show without question what authority has done to and for life on earth. But creation has done something far different and these signs are everywhere sharing the story.

These two words alone come and were expressed without limits, they are very much one in the same in that Life and all its parts, the whole, the entire are also creation, as in part of the creator as in part of life as in part of the entire infinite universe which by the way is growing and does so in unison with life as a working together or if looked at from a energetic perspective as in harmony as in full support of all are a part of. This is where I discovered there were only two very distinct directions life energy could point itself to go, one is with and in support of life and all its parts, in harmony as in rhythm, as in support of ALL and the other direction is in denial of this. To deny what one is part of, to disregard, to distort or manipulate the very idea of the whole, to disrupt this flow or energy directing. So you can see there are two very distinct directions and one fully supports the life you are while the other disregards you as being a part of. Before this declaration I had no idea and when I saw this I about dropped to the floor literally because it became that clear and actually applying this turned out to be so substantial my life has never been the same since.

One could ask well how is life energy directed and this can and is answered. To decide, to make a choice, to be final in determination, to direct the self. Also known as created equal, to have and to hold all the parts within you and the ability to direct you in one of two directions. Some call this free will choice which can be found to be true, in that no other is forcing you to decide anything, that this act alone is entirely voluntary. The entire expression of being created equal establishes this fact but so few have recognized this as a complete picture of understanding. All Human BEings can and do make choices every single day, minute by minute and where true force or true expression becomes visual is brought about by agreement, or the act of deciding a direction along side other deciding or the act of agreeing to particular ideas. In fact every impact on earth can be shown to have decision makers or creators manifesting in a directing energy that goes along with others doing the very same act. That there is nothing more impacting than the agreement process and I truly mean nothing. That every idea that exist on earth in this present moment is kept in place by the amount agreement it collects. Today one of these agreements is money as the biggest of all throughout the world and power being a component of this. This agreement or directing of energy is in the denying direction because it is a miss directing, a manipulation or a distortion by some on earth in an attempt to control life on earth and there are many other ideas that support this origination or miss directing. Which is really funny when you think about the man who originally wrote the original draft also warned of the financial institutions as going directly against us as life, as creation and very far from the condition of BEing independent or a self determined decision creator or maker.

Thomas Jefferson, a human BEing documented observations of then present examples and nothing more. He also had an enormous understanding of life and expressed all of it in the original draft with total genuine honesty and without agenda, or the agenda to bring life much closer together by the recognition of such truths. He rode horses in the country, lived through their education indoctrination process. He went through slavery and learned to give the highest respect to the life around him not really recognizing people as slaves but as life on earth. He recognized the acts against life and documented many of these observations or acts of agreement over life on earth. In fact this was to be the choice to no longer participate within the grasps of those who had no clue about life and their part in it. He recognized the lessons and shared this with a JUST world, meaning those who were just in their acts to support life and all they are part of. To encompass and include all life as equal and deserving total respect as such and not to be bullied by those who hold no such decision or agreement to allow life to grow as nature will show us it grows in harmony, in support of the entire surroundings.

If one was to fully read the original draft and really see where Thomas Jefferson received all he documented, one would be able to understand his view as well his documenting and that it was comprised of these compelling thoughts I share with you at this moment. Notice the original draft was altered to no longer be original, but rather to be an alteration. This was because there were some that did not want certain observations or truths to be revealed. This was very disturbing to me because I could see he had only documented pure truth as he saw it in his own understanding and observations. That nothing within it was not of his own hearts truth, yet some said or made sure before its signing that it must be altered or would not be signed. Thomas Jefferson himself recognized that even within this alteration, good investigation would show the truth and made sure the original draft would be available for closer inspection. The other alteration was simple, that only a few would decide and agree to such terms which is the WHY it carries no such impact on daily life. This find literally shocked me and is why I did what I did which I will share with you in this story.

Now lets really look at this close, so in essence this documented truth was to be a decision or way in which to live without authority imposing upon you in this awesome life. So when did you decide to live this truth, this expression or this idea? When did you enter such an agreement to manifest this idea across the land as an expressed example of such a choice? So you never made such a choice and you never entered any such agreement to live by such terms? And I will reveal these terms soon. So you mean to tell me that these Men who actually signed this agreement are the whole of all decision makers upon this earth, right?

Have you ever asked yourself, what makes a great choice? What are the ingredients for this or what parts do we include to make it brilliant or stand out in total recognition? So who taught you how to create and make up good choices for you? If you make up a pie, lets use pumpkin and you forget to add parts or forget ingredients how does the pie turn out? So if you have to decide to make the pie and bring it into existence don’t you have to add all the parts or all the ingredients to it and then don’t you have to have others agree this is damn good pie? And without the agreement is it a damn good pie or is that acknowledge by the agreement and the agreement process?

Well here is what I found out about making brilliant choices, the ones that really stick out to the point I can no longer argue with the self because they are that impacting or impinging on my life or so brilliant I can see the entire picture as clear as I sit here pumping out characters and word formations of expression. The total ingredient I now add to every choice I make includes LIFE and its full support, creation and its total limitless potential with liberty, to be free from any authorizing themselves over me to pursue my dreams and my creations and the creations of others that support life. That by doing exactly that act in every choice has every agreement I ever entered performed outrageously, to the point I had no idea something so grand was even possible. Not only this but I attempted over and over and over again until it was a habit in my heart and I could no longer argue with the outcomes of the choices I made and the agreements I have entered. I ask you, who the hell does this?

Now if you look at the document you will see for the first time each of these principles of choice or ingredients of the whole are sitting within it. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Look at it again, it is all documented in plain sight and with these included it becomes impossible to make a poor choice because this includes everything you are part of with nothing left out period. Self evident meaning one can see themselves as all these parts or ingredients. These are truths because if one really searches themselves will see without question they very much are in every way shape and form a part of them. Created equal, to be the same as all around you, to possess no special powers over others, to be able to decide for the self and enter agreements of ones own choosing. To be the same as all other life on earth as a part of and as the whole of all parts with nothing left out. By Their creator which we all resemble as life energy, as creators and manifester’s in a universe of life, to express, to be part of the entire whole, to be part of creation in limitless terms of expression. Unalienable rights, gifted, given simply because you are part of because this is a part of creation itself as given this planet for trial, to see, to imagine, to let loose of ones self, to be willing to see where you may grow without limits imposed upon you. These are backed by the expression of Liberty, the act of freely setting ones self in motion without the intrusion of others as life has already experienced the set backs of authority, not only on this world but on other worlds as well, thus our experiments to overcome such obstacles.

When applied as I share this with you, one can see why it becomes simple to pursue dreams of living a wonderful life on earth in support of all life surrounding us. This lesson as well this example is only awaiting to be brought about and WE the story tellers of such a mission. Who knew so much could exist right before our eyes only awaiting its total recognition. It is truly amazing from start to finish I assure you. If I have learned anything it is the willingness to experience and not the resisting. To resist is actually the act not to see or the stopping of energy or the slowing down of such a flow. One can view this with current flows, if you put resistance in the path it will work to locate another path. This is a natural characteristic of energy and is measurable and viewable with the right equipment. What is very interesting about this is earth is a living entity the same as we are and upon it is all kinds of life all being fully supported by elements, energy, harmonics and billions and billions of living organisms all working in harmony, all working to contribute with one another so impressive it is hard not to embrace or notice when one becomes aware of such basics. This is what I mean by my statement in the beginning where there seems to be no end to this journey. It keeps offering ,more and more and more and expanding, more and more and more like a fractal in motion constantly growing and growing. This is amazing in itself and is very interesting when you enter the world of fractals and sacred geometries where the expressions work very well together. This is also very visible in the nature of earth whereby earth supports growth of living organism and these organisms help support other life or organisms and it is really very fascinating like magic is transpiring before our eyes in ways we have no clue were even possible.

So maybe you can start to see the depth or vastness this one document can take a persons journey and bring insights that are all sitting right in front of us the entire time. And this my friends is only the beginning of where this is going and then you will get the significance of such an historic journey.

That was all over the ingredients for making brilliant choices and it even gets better. The next part I will share is even more brilliant because within it is a full set of instructions should authority rear its ugly head one more time. When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. And I assure you this means exactly what is says, and it says to dissolve political bands should they like in history begin to authorize themselves over you as the authors of your life or as the examples of old authority which by the way is very old. It also expresses the laws of nature which is very interesting because I call nature our living library simply because it is not in books, it is not written and when we view it we can see life supporting life like the story of a living earth and a living tree, each work along side the other in total support and this expression itself is like a fractal, it keeps showing brilliant signs of this. The law is simple as well and means to simply support life and to do no harm to it and if you inspect this it simply means in harmony with. Funny how he wrote natures God and after very close inspection I cannot argue this fact. This is because in nature I only see the love of life, it is like a whole new world where we only get to discover if we choose to do so and is why I call it the Living library because it lives and bares the fruit of such a harmonic value or support system. So this is telling us that the acts that go against this nature are acts of its total denial, to disregard and act as though this is not the case and that we should really evaluate these causes that go directly against the living story that tells us unquestionably something entirely different. It also says we should do something and declare the causes for making choices different from theirs. Funny thing is this is the actual outline to follow and I know, I have rewritten this document twice in present time to test to see if any others are actually paying attention. If they actually get this in any manner what so ever and it is disappointing at best. But this is ok because I have recognized that most people are trained, indoctrinated and love obedience to authority which has been presented to them in many constant ways of living and is where most people base their choices or choose such an ingredient. To be good boys and good girls because someone else has defined what that is. The truth is shocking because it is false through and through but I have first hand knowledge of this because I too was once very obedient to authors or what we now call authority, there ideas, their views, their agreements only to find out it was very corrupt and did not support what I am part of and is truly concerning for sure.

A wonderful example of this happened last week whereby a judge of the present municipality was bullying me. Almost like a pedophile it was so inhumane. I attempted to talk to him with mutual respect but he kept wanting to act like my daddy and I could see in his life he never agreed to independence and for this reason we have no agreement between one another. But I respected his wishes because I recognize his blindness and will do my public service not to please him, but because I already do and it wont be any different other than documenting hours and sending them back to him . When I am all done and some time has passed I shall share with him this story so he can really see my view of earth my home and not from his very selfish view of authority and lack of understanding of life itself.

What most don’t recognize is I am already declared separate from them and have been living life for about 4 years as Independence where by all choices I make and agreements I enter are based entirely on this foundation of choice. You can call it my bedrock of choice where this is my foundation of existence and everything I am part of without having to question myself any longer. I am positive on how well it works when applied and my life has never been a better story.

Now in this document is expresses the very crimes committed by authority which at the time was the acting British rule or Government and in all that time in some form or another British rule or authority has played a big part in our society. I can only ask you to ask yourself where education came from and I would also ask where did authority originate and how has it been implemented in all that time? Well that is written partly in the the original draft where it shared King George the 3rd the _______________. I will let you investigate that yourself because I didn’t write it but I have certainly observed it in this world only confirming what was written. The other part of education or controlling of it came from the financiers. If you look you can see it originated a very long time ago and has been passed down through the ages and how else would Financiers find so much agreement for their creation? Look at law and universities and you will see an enormous agreement for the authority idea which the financiers all claim. This is something Thomas Jefferson gave very stout warnings about not getting involved yet here we are only proving what he wrote was another genuine thought and acknowledging his awesome generosity to share such an enormous set of truths.

Essentially what this all comes down to is the Declaration of Independence is nothing more than a choice on which way to live life, to be in harmony with it or to be in denial of the total package and when agreed upon becomes the very example of life on earth. It was actually meant to originate here in American and has been cast out and so few saw what it really is in these expressions, had no idea of their own power to form agreements that would actually support life here on earth. That most here in America have taken the high road where they left authority in charge and now many are screaming about its examples but have not a clues what to do, yet here is the entire set of instructions set so simply before us but so few could pick up dictionaries to find its original truth. So many have gone into agreement with stories of authority and hold it as though it is gospel and not one has recognized this because they are unable to SEE the proof of its examples only supports each and every expression.

Some will say self destruction is our only hope, that we are not strong enough or smart enough or to let God. But they have never actually chosen to be part of god for which no choice is given. God is a great part of life, so is creation another great part of life, earth is another awesome part of life and so to is the universe. In fact there are so many awesome parts so many refuse to look at it seems inevitable the end is near, yet life has been here for many thousands of years and will be around for thousands more because in all cases throughout the universe has it only grown more infinite and that is truly something to consider. I sure hope some will find some true content in this story, as it is mine as I have been living and testing this and it has blown my mind so vastly, it is hard to even express in these words. Never in all my time have I seen so many dreams come true and all because I changed me to see better, to feel better and to be part of all I am part of. The judge said to me that jury duty was civic duty and I truly disagree, it is maritime courts dog and pony show. I am doing my civic duty by sharing my love and support for all life on this earth, without divide or condemnation. My willingness to experience has grown so enormous there is not now any fear in this life and I look at so many around me cowering as though they are completely lifeless, yet I have never had more energy. I keep asking myself what that is but don’t really care. All I know is when we make great choices we are served well by them and that is all I can go by because no other examples exist for me to inspect or investigate.

I am positive I am the life I am looking for and all are the ones we have been looking for all along only awaiting some great choices to be made, some awesome agreements to be formed so that we may live out our wildest dreams of a wonderful life here upon this earth. If this story compels you then please share yours, become part of something far bigger than you and offer up your experiences once making such choices. The world is an awesome place, it has some miss guided, very poor choices and even worse agreements effecting this and the only thing missing is ourselves in full participation in full support of life on this earth. Truly I have been blessed with this guidance and now maybe can the rest of you be so blessed.

Life, everything you are in this universe, be it with a smile in your heart and a very loving energy in support of this experiment.

In Lakech

Genuinely William Schooler

A Producing American of love and kindness for the world to see.


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