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Welcome to the shit storm AKA System of what some call life.

What is the system of life? Is there such a thing and where the hell is it?

Today so many would answer; its what we do everyday and I would simply ask are you sure or are you making it up to satisfy some lack of your own imagination? Thus the shit-storm mentality of fighting with the self.

Case in point; What is the financial system and what is it made up of? Where did it originate and how long has it been here? Lets see if I may spell it out a little more clearly; Finance is a system whereby all who become masters are the rulers or the powerful upon the earth, they get to define what is for all others because they have mastered the system. Origination though is not very clear and can be seen as far back as 6000 years but I believe more evidence is coming forth that shows it may have been around much longer. Now the question becomes how much belongs to such a system that is its entire construct? We know math is involved, as well the idea of BEing powerful or above others upon the earth. But what are the mechanics or specifics that make it all possible at all. The most basic part is to have agreement it is the system at all, so how then is this possible or how is it brought into BEing by the agreement at all? Well lets us look at the scope of this financial system of parts and see if we are able to see it. One, it consist of some value, something important or is made to be very significant, Gold would be the most brilliant of all when we get to the roots and is defined as wealth, as well power and that of dynasties (the controllers). How is it they form this kind of agreement? Through Governing, to direct or make possible through a specific definition. Like to document and to spell out which is funny, to SPELL out, to cast a spell out, LOL. Sounds so witch crafty doesn’t it? This is where documents are formed and clarified, agreed to, enforced and abided by for those who choose to be that system of parts that make up the whole of its entire content.

Well let us review a bit; how is this passed down and by whom? What is education and where did it come from? Where did education programs begin where by there is evidence of people going places to learn a trade or way to live? Didn’t they start in dynasties and those who were allowed to enter were allowed to conform? If you are part of a system and you want that system to grow what would you teach to others? Funny when researching the history of the English Language I ended up looking at ideas that originated from ancient egypt and the other thing I found was education was also present there, HUH??? Then I could see patterns of it being passed down and then I could see how it was being used and for what purpose and what system did it actually support. This also lead me into religions, not only for ways to live but to include right and wrong as to condemn those who did not choose the way. In fact there is a huge convergence of Religion and education and each of these a total part of finance, how interesting is that? So in truth Education as well religions are entirely a part of the Financial system of control, to have the power over or the authority, to BE THY AUTHOR, to CAST THY SPELL upon the others. Whats funny is this shit has literally been passed on for at least 6000 years and all of it is part of the very same system of Finance. Crazy isn’t it?

So are there any other parts of this system that help hold it together to achieve its true intent? What is a Corporation, what system is it part of OR what system does it support? Where did this idea originate? Isn’t the Corporation law bound or defined by law? What is law in support of or what system is it part of and or support? Please look closely because they are all beginning to merge into one big system of effects and I have seen first hand how law and Corporatism are all a part of finance and therefore part of the control mechanism. It has become so visible through the effects of Government that many are beginning to awaken to the scam literally being imposed upon them and rightfully so, if we look at the idea of finance, it is nothing more than an idea whose time has come to pass. This is because change is an inevitable part of life and the system of life dictates the change so that it may grow, so all ideas then become susceptible to such an act. In other words all ideas change because of impacts they carry on their path and those that go against the system of LIFE will inevitably destroy themselves because they are entirely unsustainable even though they are dressed up to look as sustainability through a system of finance. This system is very limited and has example after example of its limits and limits are where the control mechanism becomes present in all cases. Look at every rule or every law are intended to limit what one can do or not do, as well income levels dictate what one can or cannot do and when we look at all of this together we see an abundance of limited views rather than infinite possibility and really finance is one of the poorest ideas ever developed upon the earth and this is because the origin of intent is to control yet the system of life is far more infinite. Why is that? And how is it that every idea upon this earth is held in place by the human choice process and the act of doing this in agreement with other human BEings who also do the act deciding? Are there any bad ideas on earth? And good ideas on earth? and what actually defines the good ideas from the very poor ideas?

Well to answer these questions to ourselves we must include the other system all are part of regardless of choice. The fact you are here enters you into such a system most of you are not even aware of, yet it exist so vibrantly around you and you have yet to open up your eyes to see its vibrant content and once seen is very hard to argue with the self because literally you would have to lie to self to convince you otherwise and is the very reason for this paper. To set you up for your own fall should you decide to uphold very poor agreements that serve nothing you are part of period. Remember decide because this is the act of the human species that is brilliantly designed so that growth is possible at all.

So what then is the system of life and are you part of this system? Well are you? What does the system of life actually consist of and what exactly is it limited to? Well the system of life I found has no limits, is unbound and is infinite. Meaning possible growth to eternity or never ending because it is constant and is best expressed in fractal math whereby it keeps expanding so brilliantly it can be viewed in infinite miles. Life consist of every living thing, to include energy which is alive, this is all plant life, air, sky, earth, human BEings, bugs, animals even parasites and each part is in the stage of growth. This include all galactic bodies of life and is all inclusive of an ever growing universe that is literally filled with it beyond any and all measure it is this infinite. No one life form may measure its entire content yet each life form is full of its completeness in infinite growing terms. So this system of life is a growing system meant to sustain life and allow it to be a part of its entire self how ever big that may grow, and it is constantly. Well if this is the case and we are now bound in this boundless arena, what is it we have been missing and how did we get here, bound by the ideas or limits created by others? Damn good question and the simple answer is, you a human BEing able to decide for the self decided to be a part of that slave system and fully agreed to its terms as THEY defined them, WTH??? Yep it sucks to be you right now doesn’t it because essentially you have hood winked yourself by your very own abilities, LOL… I can say this first hand as I am as liable for such a weakness, believe me.

So I am going to give you a road map of sorts to get yourself out of the shit hole should you choose such a destiny OR you could stay where you are in denial of all you are part of but this here paper will try your ass to the bitter end. Because it will be you against YOU, how screwed up is that and WHY ME? Don’t ask, I am pretty sure I volunteered because I made some discoveries along the way that volunteered my ass. Now I am stuck with the responsibility of sharing my case in SUPPORT of ALL I am part of, which by the way is enormous and beyond all measure as well.

Well lets start with nature, what is it and why there. It is a story of sorts, its tell the whole truth and nothing but, it has been sitting in front of you for literally billions and billions of years only awaiting you to discover it is the why. Now the story is where is gets fascinating and takes you on some endless journey of love, like a love affair for the very first time and I mean that. In fact I have recently entered a beautiful love affair with one of the most passionate people I have ever met and it is in total harmony with the love affair I am having with nature as I speak to you. I have never felt more out of control of myself which is funny after years of thinking I was so in control of my self. In fact some of the most compelling experiences have been around being entirely out of control of myself and this is one of my main reasons for writing this. I am sick and tired of people telling me how in control they are when they have agreed to a very controlled and limited system of finance and some how think their shit does not stink. Its actually stinkier because the limits it has imposed on each one of us stinks loudly across this earth. Shit smells, so get used to it or get out of the shit you put yourself into. What you didn’t think I was going to be so BOLD!!! The one thing about sharing true stories is BOLD finds its way in and sticks you right in the heart of the matter as says out loud, SUCK IT UP!!!

One of natures stories that I have personally experienced and it has shares so much I cannot stop loving life it is this grand. Oner beautiful day I took a journey with some friends into the mountainous area of southern Utah and I could not help but notice all the vibrant colors that all seemed to support each other. Its like they were blended this way on purpose and I could not help but notice how they all resonated so well together as though it was music or natures calling. I began to notice all this different forage upon the ground and the small bushes along with rocks and small trees and there were these little read flowers poking out of cactus and to the left of me were some small looking yellow flowers and the greens were so supportive of each as though it were all very magical. It became a very magical moment for me and I could tell it was mother sharing a wondrous story of life, its connectivity, its supporting role and its overwhelming love. Now who could even imagine earth sharing love, but years earlier I have really discovered myself and the love I really had for me and it was very funny that all this energy became intertwined or very connected. I had also learned that if I made my choices in support of life that magic takes place in my life with unexpected experiences such as this would actually transpire. In other words I have no control over it, yet it is spilling all over me and blowing my entire mind. I really began to notice how each part of this life or this world is very connected and is the why it becomes so vibrant. I also noticed the abundance it produced as well the sustainment practices and best of all the love that flows not only through it but by its very expression in participation of itself. Talk about magically appearing before me and everything else began to connect and I looked far and wide and all of it became this total connection and I could feel me becoming this entire connection or a piece of the story being shared. More importantly I felt the total support of its love and that I was very much in harmony with all I am part of on earth as well my own galaxy. I figured out by playing this role, or this part of this experience I was actually playing with myself because I was in touch with all parts of my BEing life and that I was entirely boundless as well limitless. Talk about stepping off the buss into a whole other world and that it was so much the world I was growing up in, as well part of. It was not only magical I realized this is and was the life I was choosing to live and it felt so genuine as though I actually belong. What is even more wonderful is the fact of magical things happening to me, like Utah which I was being called to out loud, so loud I was unable to avoid its calling. The other was where I contribute or let my energy go because in all of this love I find and enormous amount of loving energy so abundantly I actually have to find outlets to let it flow. What is even more amazing this world is entirely separate from the one we are fed as the way, the financial way to what so many call happiness. In fact when I go back to this world which I do all the time I am faced with continuous people who are not able to see me at all, like they have blinders on and I am not there. Then there are those fighting to get out but are bound by their own poor choices, A world where by finance RULES the earth, yet in natures LOVE rules the world of life in joyfulness and the most awesome of expressions. Recently I have met a wonderful friend who shares what I hold inside and our worlds have joined so passionately, its like we are connected to the very same source and have the same recognition of all the parts of the real system of life and I cannot help but notice the love of life of this man and our love for one another has been growing even though there are challenges. And then there is my love life which is nature but I have net a beautiful women of nature who just loves life as passionately as I do and we cannot stop expressing this to one another. Its so magical its breath taking to say the least and what I am beginning to see is all the connection points I am now part of and people who have such a connection see me as though I am the blending of colors out in the mountains of Southern Utah. I see us all growing so vibrantly and my friends wife is so in tune with each of us she brings a deep connection into this ring of life. I feel so blessed to be where I am today as in peaceful, as in loving, as in abundance, as in joyfulness that I cannot help to see I live in two entirely different worlds and one I love and the other has challenged every part of my BEing life upon this earth. I am so happy to be a part of natures world, my true connection to all life to assist in its growing process and the understanding of the other world which is a fabrication in terms, has no real tangible abundance and actually works on shortages to control others. It has dominance and authority which I have recognized authority as the number one killer of life on earth. To author the ways of living, yet earth has already authored this beauty and sent it via energy stream for all to hear, see and feel. Truly I have chosen my roots, to be part of the one thing I am part of and cannot deny no matter how much I lie to me. It would literally kill me because I would have to go back to a lie, some idea or some very poor ass agreement that is filled with some of the worst ingredients known to life in our galaxy.

Yes I am still surrounded by it, not because it cannot be stopped but because of Human BEings making very poor choices and entering very piss poor agreements that shove false realities into our faces simply for some limited thinking to control life on earth, yet nature is sharing a much deeper story that is becoming much more vibrant that no one will be able to deny simply because the love of life is far greater than the control of it, an inevitable part that cannot be stopped because it is part of us, it is the nature we are and the love that is bound by such a connection. We are here to support life not control it or destroy it or abuse it. We are the abundance, the care givers, the lovers and we are only in denial of our own connectedness.

So the real shit storm is the one we are creating with ourselves attempting to be part of a system we are not naturally part of. That it is nothing more than a fabrication to deviate from our natural course or to deny ourselves of our truth, our abundance and the LOVE we are so much a part of. Think of it in terms of having a new baby and how much joy fills your heart in that moment when you were born. That you could see the connection transpire before you and you could not deny its impact into your own heart, that energy space that keeps producing energy it is very much part of, a little generator so amazing that it blows your whole mind.

I can only say this to you all, that I LOVE you all regardless if you are unable to love everything about you and my love so abundant it is spilling over walls and valleys of earth. It is amassing at such a rate it looks unstoppable and I hope this will impact you personally so that you too may stop your own shit storm since it is you who voluntarily entered this storm knowingly or unknowingly has no impact because it is you who has the ability to decide which direction you go. I can tell you with unquestioning facts that if you flow your energy in the direction of total life support, magic will flower you with beauty that even you with have to argue with yourself because you will ask where the heck did this fly in from. Life in all acts of kindness is the love of support, to do the acts that allows life to grow and be brilliant. Wealth is not measured in monetary policies, it is amassed by the brilliance of light that is shared across this earth. it is to be one of the shinning stars so many look out to view, even our sun is a reflection of life and the entire connection and it doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not. What matters is that you believe in you and the life you are part of as the greatest experiment of all time. Yes we are, and this earth has given us many lessons and human BEings have even given far more lessons that any being in our galaxy could possibly imagine. Every thing we do here effects our entire Galaxy because even it is entirely connected to us as we are to it. What we have is a very special gift so few ever realize, we are able to decide which direction our energy flows and we do it by entering agreements that make that direction visible and that folks is the real lesson here. To recognize who directs energy and how and how well or poorly. Every great choice will include all you are part of and that is when the magic begins to appear and that is the most beautiful part of all as well the abundance of our love and love, there is no stopping love. It is the one energy flow that allows all other energy to flow, it is the abundance, the imagination, the dreams and when we let this loose it very much becomes magical and no longer controlled by very poor limited ideas that in no way shape or form serve this life in this galaxy.

You have now been served, and you are responsible for the decisions you make from this point forward and you only have one of two choices, to serve the life you are part of or to deny all you are part of and so today because of what I have done, it now sucks to be you unless of course you recognize the truth being expressed with the love life has to offer you.

I have done a great amount of work for life on this earth and will continue but in a much different form. I will still be contributing as I do but with very different perspective until the other world trying to share my space leaves for good for I no longer welcome its pathetic results and for all of you who think you will force me to submit are only lying to you. I am so much bigger today that the magic has taken my entire life away to this other world that serves everything I am part of. I am stronger today than ever before and the most grateful of all life upon this beautiful space called home and known as Mother, the life giver of earth.

May every dream of living become you, may you for the first time really find your own heart and breathe with its wave lengths and become the harmony of waves across this entire universe in its total growth potential for nothing is more grand or loving than our own recognition of ourselves as we have been given life, an energy potential that is in constant motion only awaiting is direction by the act of choosing it so.

I Am William, also known as A Producing American, a contributor to life on earth with love and much gratitude and may we finally come together to share in our journeys should you decide life is much more elaborate when we play in the part of all the parts in the system of life in infinite terms. I love you all dearly, enjoy your loving dreams as they have always been part of the true story resting inside your own hearts awaiting to be expressed on a grand scale of brilliance. You have all been gifted for life…

My declaration of love to you, be it in total abundance…

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