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To Hell with the Pledge of Allegiance

Recently I have been subject to this idea of Pledging Allegiance to a flag, yet there is not a flag upon this earth that I am loyal too, nor any government I am loyal too or devoted to simply by their own poor examples. Then there is the expression the United States which I am so compelled to scream CORPORATISM! A made up entity to support Finance and then there is “to a Republic”, does anyone here even have an idea what the hell that is? And what is it the Republic stands for, what idea is it that makes it so brilliant all are in AWE!?

Then we arrive at one nation under God, but all life, the entire planet, this whole damn galaxy are ALL part of God and not under anything, so why is this one nation under something it is very much a part of? Why under and not a part of? Who rained down this authorization to begin with? Then we have indivisible, yet I feel very divided from those who wish to impose and intrude upon my dreams and creative abilities and have not one agreement with them. The idea of authority is repulsive at best. The best for last, WITH LIBERTY, to be free from any sort of authority who thinks they have the ability to impose upon my choices, where the hell is that? and JUSTICE for all, hmmmmmm, what is JUST, what someone says it is or is it more of a recognition and support for that which you are a part of?.

So see you may be able see my dilemma, to agree to such terms has great difficulty in my very own heart, it shows no signs of all I do believe in and has so many opposing examples of force, abuse of authority, insane corporate crimes and I am supposed to sit here and SHUT UP!!!

Well let me bring to you, my position, my view, my perspective and then understand when I refuse to play along with insanity that I stand upon sacred ground for which I am entirely a part of REGARDLESS of what anyone else THINKS of me or this.

ONE, I am a Declared state of INDEPENDENCE!!! the very idea this nation was actually created upon, the foundation of its terms and principles and its guidance to support a REPUBLIC, a public able to decide for itself without made up authority imposing upon it. It was actually a principle created for and by those who chose to no longer be abused by British rulers.

That ALL Human BEings are created equal (able to make choices for the self, able to enter agreements of ones own choosing) in support of LIFE, please take the time to really look that concept up because it is without question entirely all inclusive of this state, this nation, this earth, this galaxy, God, and this universe. In other words there is nothing missing from it and means LIVING the act of doing that which supports ALL you are a part of, including planet earth. Along side LIBERTY, the self, life, the act of making positively sure you are not imposed upon by those who create and make up authority over you saying you are no longer created equal period. And these two very basic principles of life itself are to allow and create an environment that allows you to create better ways of serving the life YOU are part of across this GLOBE called earth, your home in this galaxy.

Now, WE HOLD these truths to be SELF EVIDENT!!!!!

Governments are instituted among men, which would have been better served if they were instituted among women the life givers of earth herself because of their abundance of respect for life itself which men have not shared very many positive examples of on earth.

So my devotion is for life and ALL those who support it whole heartedly and not one thing less and thats an act and no where is it represented by any symbol any where on earth. It is only broadcast by examples that are shared and not by some agreement that has no food for thought about its genuine or lack of content. MY loyalty is to those who share in the idea of intentionally keeping LIBERTY in place and not the pretending of it when all the examples support otherwise. To ensure no authority may rain down over its people in ANY form and I don’t care what you make up to justify such a stupid act. That God, Life and Earth are all one whole in this universe and an equal part of all there is within it.

And finally for JUSTICE, to hold oneself accountable for the acts against any life on earth. To be just, LIFE SUPPORTING also known as integrity, to support that which one is a part of, to be moral about that which you truly are, to do no harm to others in any form and I don’t care how many excuses you can create to justify some other act. To impose justice is to hold those responsible for doing acts of authority, killing, wars, Finance, harm or any other act that in no way shows the love of life. To make responsible for such acts which is not behind bars unless they become unwilling to take responsibility and for all those who are willing should be allowed to show such acts without any recourse. To allow them to receive their very own self given lesson of not serving all they are part of. Having authority is not a form of Justice and is the highest order of unjust upon this earth. In fact I can show example after example of Death by authority because without question it is the most harming act upon this earth.

Therefore if you wish to pledge some allegiance or devote you to some idea or be loyal to some purpose look in the mirror and ask you if what I share is very possible, are you devoted to total life support, are you loyal to Life itself in every decision and act you perform? Are you intent on total Liberty for you and all others upon this earth? Do you believe in harming others based upon some others ideas? Do you support Corporatism and world financiers that have been corrupting this world for thousands of years? Have you ever read and decided and agreed to the condition of BEing independence? Then how the hell can you be pledging to something you have no clue about, is my question?

What is Independence? A choice, how does it become possible? By agreeing to such terms and is how the condition begins to manifest in the world and where in this world does this example actually exist? NO Where…

So if you are going to pledge allegiance to something, please be clear about the agreements you are forming or live with the mess you create and its that simple. I will not pledge any such allegiance and if you are unable to have that you best look at you, not me for I am firm in my convictions for life upon this earth because that I volunteered to be here and shall act like it because the love in my heart does not steer me wrong and that is all there is to it…

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