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A society is nothing more than some agreement on an idea or way, yet all of humanity is unique by nature, all living, all creative and all able to make choices upon their own will to do so.

If you want to see humanity as nature intended you go visit a room full of babies and all you will see is quiet, curiosity, a cry out but what you wont see is hatred, or disgust, or discontent. There is no divide and all you see is desire, the desire to be here, to be part of. Yet we see so much separation when we become adults and dare to ask ourselves how did we get here?

Where did borders come from if earth is our home? Why are Religions so divided amongst themselves? Finally why are there rich and poor?

What ideas have been created to divide us, that would cause us to kill one another when ALL are part of Life on earth? If I could find one word that would describe it which word would that be? Authority, the number one dominating factor and has been visible for almost 6000 years. It is the number one killer of life on earth, it is the most abusive act upon this earth and has poor example after poor example and seems all who take this on become the abusers as though it was meant to be. Along side authority comes finance which is as old as authority itself and as abusive and too has poor example after poor example. Could it be these two ideas are one in the very same?

Most interesting is the human BEing as a collective, a group of deciding agree to an idea and when they do so does the idea begin to manifest its way out into the open, it becomes visible, it can be experienced and by such an expression will leave its example behind. There are many examples across these lands upon this earth and far more poor examples than great ones of achievement and no one ever seems to ask why?

What does the word Life mean? To live, which is funny because it is all encompassing and leaves nothing out or is all inclusive and all are part of. So does Live mean to control life, abuse life, distort life, to divide it up into a thousand segments? NO, it means to serve and love life, to support it, to allow it to express, to be part of, to cherish and to support it. Yet authorize it and it becomes the beast of today where some feel the need to kill it, control it and beat it to death all for some self gain or satisfaction. The two roots of destruction can be found in Authority and Finance and there have been some in history who even warned us because there were so many examples of its destruction they brought it to our attentions. Yet very few ever put their attentions there and very few have created agreements not to have the two in their lives. And because no such decision has been created no agreement has ever been formed, thus leaving us with the repeat of such a lesson for this 6000 years.

Nature shared this story with me because when I am out in it all I see is the agreement to serve life on earth, yet when it comes to humanity the agreement for Authority and finance are the most pronounced products of choice and for some reason are in denial of such a lesson, and the lesson is a very simple one.

To author the way life shall be lived, to create power through an instrument, to impose that onto the wills of others, to create such an agreement the whole world will live by its means. Yet some of the indigenous worked hard not to participate and were called barbaric by those who only agreed to the insanity. Yet barbarism is the act of repeating poor ideas that do not serve life at all. To be stagnate or unmoving, to not allow growth, to stifle.

Life though is a story all on its own and every life able to create their own stories, dreams, fascinations thus authoring the life they shall live. So life needs no author to delegate, needs no permissions to BE human. All life needs is a direction to push its energy in because choice means to expel ones energy and agreement means the manifestation of its ideas. So what direction, what is the direction of the last 6000 years?

One direction is life, the love of it, the support of it, to take part or be part of and the other direction is the denial of, to control, to authorize, to dominate, to KILL it. I could only find two when it comes to energy BEing expressed and if Humans BEing are expressions of energy then who may I ask is directing?

For 6000 years Humans BEing have decided and agreed to BEing part of Authority and of Finance and the examples of this speak for themselves. To deny these signatures is to deny the self of Living a creative prosperous life, to be part of and to love the life you have created for yourself. Denial then becomes the enemy and Authority thrives on denial, imagine that and finance is the instrument Authority uses to control life on earth.

Life on earth needs no instrument of exchange for it is the exchanging of energy life serves life when one loves what one is part of. We are ALL Humans BEing something every moment of every day, so when do we become the life we are all part of? Who decides, what agreements are formed to sustain such an idea and when does the word life itself become a viable option to participate in?

Genuinely and lovingly,

William Schooler

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