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Home » Declaring a whole New state of Independence By you deciding and entering into said agreement.

Declaring a whole New state of Independence By you deciding and entering into said agreement.

This announcement is to all Humans BEing Upon the earth. That if you acknowledge being human and wish to live as a human BEing of planet earth you hereby Declare to this entire planet your own divine self and your total participation with this life here upon the mother, our home earth.

That by our divine right to BE are all created equal, that no other shall act as above another or in any authoritative capacity. That you may not act fictitiously, that all created entities shall be that of flesh and blood and responsible for all decisions and agreements formed. That by this announcement you have decided and agree upon such terms, on the mother, planet earth our home.

That the most important part of you is LIFE, to BE and DO and participate in all parts of life by fully supporting and caring for through the act of contribution. For life to fully support life with no acts of harmfulness.

This will be along side the expression called LIBERTY, to be free of any and all authority. To have nothing imposed upon you unless you become harmful to Life itself. That all authority will be an expression of the past also a great lesson to all of humanity from this day forward.

That you shall BE and DO as you desire and dream to be, to pursue these without obstructions from any other so long as these are harmless to all life upon the mother, earth our home. That you BEing happy about your decisions and excited about all agreements you shall enter that supports such life here upon our mother, earth our home.

That the one law above all other laws is to do no harm to any life upon the mother and to include no harm to the mother, earth our home. That no law may be formed to obstruct or control another in anyway shape or form.

That you shall no longer support the notion or idea of Money, for profit, wealth or power over. No Corporations, justice systems, Governments shall be formed or created. That all shall be that of not for profit, that any exchange will only come in the form of energy where energy can be traded for energy in duration only. That no other may have a greater energy than another.

That no human BEing can own any part of earth and shall from this day forward be stewards of the mother, earth our home. That all shall be able to create a home and share such a stewardship as earth shall always be our home. That no human BEing or group of Human BEings may form any form of authority over any other human BEing or BEings.

By Declaring as such, announcing as such and the signing of such you have made a full conscious decision to enter into this expressed agreement and shall live each of these terms without reservation. In the name ____________________________ of This Human BEing shall I be this part of all parts of LIfe upon the mother, earth our home.

Prepared by a Contributor to life upon the mother, earth our Home.

Genuinely and Lovingly,

William Schooler

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