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The WHY.

Today I wrote my last declaring of Independence and hopefully a real agreement. Since this is my 3rd attempt to find some agreement people could rally around and form new agreements unlike the old. What is interesting is the original got no more agreement than mine. Its one of the things I have been testing here upon the earth is to SEE if people will pick their asses up and change life on earth. I can tell you its been heartbreaking because very few are even interested. Not to say some have not used my writing because some have, but very few and not enough to make any difference.

I know I am not the one, but then I never thought I was. I located a few simple principles that really made a lot of sense to me and really changed my own life and I knew the only way these changes could transpire entirely is by the agreement they gather. This is something I noticed about societies was that the brilliance or impact of any idea was entirely based upon the amount of agreement they gathered. This was so loud to me I was having a hard time that I was the only one seeing it and I say this because so few have the guts to even talk about it let alone attempt to understand our very own potential.

If we look at the power of money for example we can see the amount of agreement it has supporting it is world wide thus making it permeate our airwaves. This is also true for Governments and Authority. Authority itself is by far the number one killer of life on earth by example, this is freaking huge, yet so few possess the skills to see it let alone understand it. For this reason the madness only persists and expands and so many blindly keep on supporting the madness.

I was hoping I would stimulate enough ideas in people it would cause a ripple. I wonder if thats what Thomas Jefferson thought also? It could be and I am sure he died with as much disappointment as I feel. Like him I donated it all, never once attempted to control it or collect anything for all my contributions. I recognized what I was part of and it was and is my part to contribute to that end. I never had any expectations, only hopes that others would too awaken and work on repairing the damages we ourselves created. It was probably too ambitious at this time to even THINK others would get up off the damn couch. All is not lost as there are several groups today working on ideas yet if you furnish them with one they don’t seem to want much to do with you because they SAY and do nothing. So you wonder if they ever received it or are they just too arrogant to hear when others are contributing the very same cause they say they are speaking of. It does leave one wondering I assure you. Some might say I really suck at writing and they would not even get an argument, I never imagined myself writing anything but was simply compelled because of events I could not deny.

You could say this is my last ditch effort to contribute to my fellow human BEings with the love and gratitude I carry in my heart, yet still today I expect nothing. If it falls dead like the rest I will shut down my site once and for all as it gets lots of attention but very little participation. If no one is really listening then why speak?

If you read this new declaration, I hope you can see what I see and why I wrote it in such a manner. It truly is my contribution to life on earth in all honesty. It is my heart speaking out loud and clear in the most simple terms possible. This is because I want anyone to be able to understand its ingredients so they may make the right choice. Because the other choice is simple and that is same shit different day and I am so tired of that old shit in my life. The money is useless and about to become worthless, Governments and authority have created so many abuses upon mankind it is insane at best and the corporate crimes around this world are not ok at all.

No other is going to clean up this mess, only you and I and we have to have a good agreement in place that will support such an effort or it will not transpire. I love my children and grandchildren and I was really hoping I could express far more loving examples than those before me. For that reason I hoped to be the one in their lives that expressed something far more genuine than all the fake shit we see today. All the consumer crap that has nothing great about it. The products in todays world are so poor they are a crime at best. They were not made to last nor were they created to repair and make last. Many of them are so hard to work on you want to find the design team and stuff their ideas up their butts literally. I know we are far more capable, but then I know me so I don’t have to question it, yet we continue down the holy conforming pathway never to be heard from again.

Screw being a cattle and then farmed out and that old ass agreement about “thats just the way it is” is total nonsense. I am done with excuses and I know where on earth life serves so much more. I shall be far more involved there than here as Humans BEing seem intent on BEing the one or BEing the author for all others, or to be powerful or rich with some monetary policy and never once glance at themselves as part of a 4 letter expressions that encompasses all called LIFE. If Humans could only look at what they are BEing every single day would they finally see themselves as the example of their decisions and best of all their agreements. Today I cannot find a agreement that fully supports life upon the mother, our home earth. Yet we hold the entire power of this within ourselves to BE and DO as we please even if it is harming our entire family, that of the human family.

To be part of what we are part of or to play that part excluding none. Life is a giant lesson plan and the lessons we have been served have served us well in that Authority showed us how humanity can be abused by such an act and that the true intent and creation of money was for power and to incorporate slavery and in no way has served all life upon the earth. Look at how long these Ideas have persisted and while looking in all that time the consistency of its falling. There is truly a story to be told for sure.

For me personally I am very grateful for all these lessons and understandings. I get they were indeed needed to show the world the impacts of ignorance which by itself means to leave out that which you are part of, to deny the self as LIFE which is ALL life upon the mother, Earth our home. The gratitude comes from the understanding the lesson itself as well from the mother her self as she expresses so much abundance and life support with no expectation, only abundance.

My wish is to live in a peaceful world with fellow human BEings that truly appreciate BEing such a part where all life is in support of all life upon the mother, earth our home. That the controls of authority will be dismissed from all duties and that money will never be the representation of exchange again because of our awesome lessons of abuse, not only to ourselves but to all those around us. To end the idea of poverty once and for all and to BE the best possible examples we can be to our children and their children and so on. To show we truly valued life and ALL it has to offer. I hope that is not too much to ask but I am certain it is.

May all of Humanity find themselves, may this contribution be one that assist in our peacefulness and may our love for life grow boundless.

Genuinely and Lovingly

William Schooler

Life contributor

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