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My Last post

Hello my fellow human Beings,

This is my final notice as I am giving up this website for all time. It is not because of lack of interest, there has been plenty, it is because I am now secured out of my website. Do to security updates I can no longer access my own website. I am presently using another’s computer for access and to relay this message. I will not be buying a new computer because I refuse to be part of consumerism. For me it is all about serving one another and this industry no longer serves me or others without force feeding. This is about integrity unlike many of my fellow human beings who are only interested in bottom lines and serving themselves which I cannot tolerate and will not tolerate

I thank all of you who showed interest and I must apologize for not responding to emails because of spam which was well over 10 to 1 making it impossible to sort through it all. I hope I was able to serve you in some way that allowed you to serve better. May life bring you all you have asked for and help to serve us all.

This site will disappear upon its renewal.


William Schooler

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