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Welcome to A Producing American Website where I, William Schooler, will work to bring your attention to what A Producing American actually means. How it can progress and how to be a part of the future from your understanding and your new found capabilities because you have not put it into this perspective until now.

You could also call this “welcome to your future” where you make the difference because that is what you do.

All practices are NOT created equal and can all be DETERMINED by what is pronounced or announced which ever you prefer because when we do something something always comes from it regardless if it is good or bad. What we will learn here is how to do or how to bring into being, or how to produce an idea, an object or some achievement and there are some really good mechanics to know so the achievements desired bare the fruits which we wish to experience and nothing short of it.

This site is for your participation and CONTRIBUTIONS to OURSELVES to become a better people to ourselves by that which we each produce. There is a guideline for this website and that is; it must apply to the principals listed in my Foundation. If you do not wish to agree politely go contribute to some other website as this is meant for those who whole heartedly agree with my foundation and wish to improve the situation around themselves by such principals. I am open to discussions and all arguments as long as they contribute to achievement or some accomplishment as the idea here is to produce something that is useful verses useless which can be seen in many instances in todays society.

Yes you can call me political as in politic; meaning the Public thing in an open discussion to bring about achievement in a direction chosen not only by me but many others who knowingly know they are the director of their destiny and will discover their own source of this power in self decision making. The primary here being an informed decision verses a not so informed decision process. This is because I have found that all things good came from the Producers of our world, (those willing to experience) by investigation and evaluation of all things performed measured and used to reach a destination. So please be my guest and ask questions and be a part of the solution in your neighborhood.

After all who are the builders of a community? The producers or the non producing and what is it that determines this clear line?

My suggestion is to read My Foundation Defined. This will set the building blocks in place as well the direction I intend regardless of those who refuse to view themselves will make no difference to me at all.

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