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My Foundation Defined

Time to build a foundation and call it A Republic.

It should be pointed out right from the beginning that this concept is not for everyone, it is purely for those willing to produce it by making a decision to do so and it will be you making such a decision.

All foundations need good solid principals in order to keep them alive and in order to achieve this they must be clearly known so no confusion can emanate from such an idea. I will work to bring a clear and understandable focus to what my foundation means in its entirety. This has been a work in progress and will continue as long as I am able to put my energy into it.

Republic; 1595–1605; < French republic, Middle French < Latin r_s p_blica, equivalent to r_s thing, entity + p_blica public

any body of persons viewed as a commonwealth.

Public; 1400–50; < Latin p_blicus (earlier p_blicus, p_plicus, akin to populus people); replacing late Middle English publique < Middle French < Latin, as above

open to all persons: a public meeting.

I used these definitions and originations so it would be perfectly clear what I mean as well intend.

What this means is a Public thing or a persons thing in a common direction or WAY OF LIFE. What I am establishing here is the precedence, this is where individuals decide to have this common direction and A Republic is a direction or a way of life which I will elaborate on.

In the Declaration of Independence whether the original or the agreed upon document there are 3 very important components to this definition of A Republic. They make up the entire concept if used and put into action. These will also display results from such actions and all this is by decision alone and no more. These parts are;

Life, this includes all living entities regardless of all shapes or size or color. Life by nature expands itself and this is natural and can be seen without question which proves life is in support of life in its natural element. Life also means to do or live out, to pursue or bring about or in simple form to experience. Experience being the thing that is learned or becomes known as unquestionable. To live is to experience and to gain from such experiences knowledge that allows us to improve ourselves through evaluation and determinations should we desire such an achievement.

Liberty, freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control.
freedom from external or foreign rule; independence.

Notice in these two definitions that they describe FREE FROM, in other words there is something out there pretending to be more than you are and attempting to DOMINATE you by THEIR CHOICE! It means in order to have Liberty you actually have to do activities to stop such a take over or a dominating effect. This is a very essential part of this whole in a Republic because without it in place no Republic will be allowed to exist period. It means what it says here “free from” Dominance of any kind to design a way of life for you, or to create insanity by not allowing you to do what it is you do. Remember the definition of life here and what life does.

The Pursuit of Happiness, to strive to gain; seek to attain or accomplish (an end, object, purpose, etc.). This definition I give here is the only valid definition for this project in building such a foundation because it means to move in the direction of. To build, to bring about to put in motion an idea until it is accomplished at which time it may be experienced, evaluated and determinations made that support the parts within itself. So if we pursue a Republic by such a foundation would support itself by the acts of such a concept. Happiness is a results that comes from something that has taken place whether self created or not. It comes from the experience of something actually done and achieved or confronted. In the end in its most simple form it means to Accomplish and the results are happiness from such accomplishments.

Now these 3 parts with full description are all the parts of a Republic, there is no more nor is there any less. This does create the entire whole of what A Republic looks like if acted upon by putting into each decision we make in any pursuit these 3 parts. That is correct, each and every decision all inclusive of these 3 parts will be living and deciding as A Republic. Will deliver results as a Republic which will then become visual to you as well as all those around you. If you look these 3 parts are very inclusive of each other because none will survive without the other and no Republic can exist without each one of these in their place period. This is something that Thomas Jefferson himself was attempting to communicate but do to oppressors was declined such a victory for a full Republic to be put on display by the actions of such a Republic. It is sick at best and should be well considered should WE choose such an activity.

So here we have the ground work of my foundation and my principals for which I have decide to LIVE AS! Yes “A Republic” by decision.

You who have not lived as a Republic will have no such experience and it will be hard for you to comprehend so I can only suggest you give it a trial run and view the results for yourself. What it will come down to is your decision on which direction you would like to go. In my search I have found a total of TWO directions, there is the direction towards life and the support of such life OR there is the decision to oppose such life by putting in ideas that do not support nor allow life. This direction is not only relevant today by results alone but is living proof no Republic exist because of the lack of effort caused by the lack of decision period. I have also discovered how to detect or realize what the correct direction is by looking in the mirror at a life in all honesty to know full well I value it as well respect it and this shows not only in my work but as well in all my actions towards others as well.

What is the difference between a good decision and a bad decision? An informed decision.

Ok with this in place and the facts communicated as discovered now becomes decision time and who is the one who is going to have to make this all important decision? Who is going to have to stare into that mirror and decide their fate, their direction, their destiny?

This will be the true test to all human beings should it actually be read all the way through. You will have to choose for you which will be your defining direction which life you are willing to lead by such a choice. This is your total self determinism looking at you in all honesty with no place to hide. From this point on you will have no one to blame but you for all choices made or not made will not matter because you have been exposed to the facts and these facts have been residing here for some 200 years right before our eyes awaiting someone to actually see it.

So you could say it might really suck to be you right now to have to decide on your own fate by your own act to decide or not to decide and live with what ever it is YOU create for YOU!

You can call this the un-trap door to your personal freedom from yourself because now you have the opportunity to include yourself in your future decision making. I created this document in this manner to expose those so dishonest to themselves that they will now fight with themselves internal from the exposure of such a truth. And I am excited to see the results of such a research by the mastery of honesty unto myself and the sharing amongst all of you.

Here is an important component which I expressed from the beginning. A Republic is not for everyone, it is simply for those who choose to live as one and no other and with this I do hope the trap door slaps you upside your face and wakes you up from the constant numbing of lies permeated around you daily.


Is the total picture, all the parts and all inclusions of the whole of a Republic and I cannot wait to see the look in your eyes when you start to look at you.

I have much more to come on this subject but this is my foundation from which all things shall grow. It is a blessing and has brought me more energy than I ever thought possible in a life time. Thank you for taking the time to read and may your decision be the one you are prepared to live with.

William Schooler
“A Producing American” in A Republic.


Updated                                                12/09/2012


Since the inception of these definitions I have grown to a new level that I will share to help improve upon our own capacity as well understanding.


First I discovered most definitions were very limited in view, someone else’s view. This being the case I wanted to know what instituted the act of defining. From the experience itself did I find it is done through this experience and the effects that are created from this experience. Thus these present findings you will see are very livable each and every new day. These new Definitions I created by this same ability as all others or may be in a more aware state than they.


LIFE; all things/all possibility infinity. Meaning all things you can experience or have yet to is a part of YOU in all cases with none left out. This connection can be felt through universes and galaxies which carry no limit to themselves.


Liberty; the act of resisting any and all false authority and dominance. It is the act of freeing ones self from another imposing or enforcing their ideas upon me period. To be free from in Life as defined of any other by what ever means becomes necessary to carry this out. Meaning not the act of war but the act of mutual respect that is being forced upon you.


The Pursuit of Happiness; Doing, Living the act of achievements for LIFE support. Which means all ideas and actions and creations manifests which supports and allows all life in all of all galaxies and beyond and where you stand in reference.


There are very important parts to know about this that I will now share. All life is energy and is all the same energy and is all connected without choice it just is, FACT.


Recognition is an activity of recognizing or viewing examples of all causes and all effects. Recognition comes from within, by doing the act of looking in, in reference to all that is around you. This act is called discovery, so discovering all you are in reference to all that is around you in Galaxies is what? the discovery of you, when this is done by comparisons to recognized differences and commonalities tells us what we are and what we are not. Recognizing ourselves as this definition of Life is very beneficial to the support of life in this manner.


Energy is not very well known by most of you but look at this way. You being life an energy by living which means doing is a cause of such energy in motion in a chosen direction. This is because there is always a start point and it always goes outward from the origination point. When energy is allowed and not resisted and is put into a structured organized manner it expands the energy or creates more energy, the more energy in motion equals more force or energy directed, this cause, this energy in all cases will create an effect. Knowing the direction one is directing energy in equates to the knowing what effects will be created and knowing why energy is being utilized at all. And this is where knowing is knowledge and reason and in support of life if all is in recognition of the self as well the whole which has no defining limits can help the directing of such energy.


Agreement, the force of all accomplished ideology in good terms or bad, it is all created in this same manner and achieved by agreement, agreement being individual choice agreeing to the same direction as other choice makers or life energy decision making practices, capability and understanding of all these by this discovery and recognition. The more agreement into a direction the more force the effect will be by its pure persistence and energy source.


Thus, this leaves me with a clearer view of My Foundation

as LIFE support, Public support, energy support which by discovery and recognition is the LIFE way or the PUBLIC way of recognition and self supporting acts.


Compiling this with Loving energy and source of energy in full recognition is a non defined limit because Life energy has no such limit because it simply is infinity by allowing itself in such a manner for which all life decides by this recognition.


Self discovery is our act of love and recognition our act of this love we hold so dearly from the hearts of our dear source our Mother, with Love I share. The life source will always in all cases be the mother of all divine life where all life creation was even possible.


I love you Mom, thank you for this Life for which I am.



A Producing American, contribution for LIFE.

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