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Archive for the The Tree Of Life Tag

What you did not see in the Declaration of Independence.

This story will be comprised of a journey I have personally taken through its entire content, an experiment like no other simply because I decided one day to apply its content directly to my life and this is what I saw and what so many have never even viewed their entire lives. It has been such an impact upon my
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Who is the lie?

We say the lies others have said but what we really mean is the lies we have accepted others have given us.   In all honesty is only discovered by the effort to actually look inside me.   My own discovery of me was confronting my own lies to me and acceptance seems to fill the void because then I
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The Tree of life

                  I just watched the movie the tree of life and it was fantastic and realized something I have never really noticed before. I recognized that in the light we see the true reflection of our selves, our lives and our experiences. When we look around in the light we see life all
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